Get away from it all during the month of Madagascar!

Get away from it all during the month of Madagascar!

After Ireland and Cuba, we are heading to Africa to celebrate the island of Madagascar throughout the month on HamsterStory and on the different games by Dreamer Games. It's a small country, but a big island, the 5th biggest in the world in size!

Formerly inhabited by pirates, the "Great Red Island" has a variety of landscapes, from the Central Highlandsto the desert-like bush, not forgetting the savannah to the West and the beaches and tropical forests in the East.

To give you an idea of the variety of this island, the shelves in the shop are stocked with new items that are typical of Madagascar: vanilla, papayas, eucalyptus leaves...

And let's not forget the new background, a forest of baobab trees that you can feature on your rodents' pages using the landscape of Venus, on the pages of your rodents using the landscape of Apollo, or on your breeder page using the landscape of Athena.

Why not post links tothe scenes you design using the new background and/or the new items in the comments below, so that you can present them to the other members of the community and may even win some votes?
Have fun playing on HamsterStory and on all the games by Dreamer Games!

Landscape of Venus
Offer the Madagascar background to a rodent

Landscape of Athena
Display the Madagascar background on your breeder page

Landscape of Apollo
Display the Madagascar background on one of your breedings

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