The HamsterStory directory - starting with A (1): Peruvian Guinea Pig

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  • Species:

    · 1 (4)
    · Beaver (1)
    · Brown Hare (2)
    · Brown Rat (627)
    · Chinchilla (2,626)
    · Chipmunk (34)
    · Common Hamster (444)
    · Dormouse (2)
    · European Rabbit (2,511)
    · Field Mouse (23)
    · Gerbil (1,443)
    · Golden Hamster (3,756)
    · Greater Egyptian gerbil (4)
    · Marmot (248)
    · Mouse (774)
    · Octodon (22)
    · Peruvian Guinea Pig (2,256)
    · Possum (16)
    · Shrew (26)
    · Squirrel (1,028)
    · Viscacha (22)

    Abbigail2 monthsPeruvian Guinea PigRakkaus
    Abby5 months and a halfPeruvian Guinea PigBabyQuake20
    abby5 months and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigsaver523
    Ace2 months and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigharleyquinn4711
    Acorn15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigfishbear831
    Acorn15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigkaitlynpaigebennett
    Adair 400.0215 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigdogbreeder
    adriton1 monthPeruvian Guinea Pigbogdan-adrian-boncu
    Aidan1 monthPeruvian Guinea PigCho0059glenps
    Airplaneswag15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigairplaneswag
    Aiyana5 monthsPeruvian Guinea PigIndianDogLover
    Ajax15 daysPeruvian Guinea PigI_Like_Rodents_13
    akina kora15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigsakoskar
    alana5 monthsPeruvian Guinea Pigsparkle44
    Alaska15 daysPeruvian Guinea PigGuineaPigLover101
    alec5 months and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigmaddiej1405
    Aleka15 daysPeruvian Guinea PigMartinp975
    Aleska15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigjjhukum
    alex15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigdragos2007
    Alex2 yearsPeruvian Guinea PigAlexthefast
    alex15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigalicep88888888
    Alexandrea15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigcoolgirl13
    Alexei1 monthPeruvian Guinea PigYasuo
    alexion9 months and a halfPeruvian Guinea PigPurpleElephant
    alexis3 monthsPeruvian Guinea Pigmegan190923
    Alfalfa1 monthPeruvian Guinea Pigpointer1
    Alfie15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigcandylandlite
    Alfik5 monthsPeruvian Guinea Pigmyprecious
    Alfik3 months and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigamelia118
    Alfred2 monthsPeruvian Guinea PigBluefall
    Algernon5 monthsPeruvian Guinea Pig86Bubblykitty
    Alia5 months and a halfPeruvian Guinea PigPatel673
    alice1 month and a halfPeruvian Guinea Piggriffwilder3
    Alice2 monthsPeruvian Guinea Piglindamercer95743
    Alicia15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigbambadam
    allen1 month and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigallen-reed
    Allen15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigchelsey33
    ally15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigguillen91
    Alvin1 monthPeruvian Guinea PigmyguineapigTalia
    Amanda Malfoy2 months and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigspiri234
    Amber1 yearPeruvian Guinea PigPetzforAllz
    AmberHas just been bornPeruvian Guinea Piglaycee02
    amber15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigbunniegirl11
    Amber1 month and a halfPeruvian Guinea PigZoroAppies
    Amelia1 year and 2 monthsPeruvian Guinea PigDoggieDoubles
    ammie1 month and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigshy_fox_892
    Amy15 daysPeruvian Guinea Piglolly45635056
    amy1 monthPeruvian Guinea Pigcuddlebunkafira
    anaseed5 months and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigchampionbreeder
    Andrew2 monthsPeruvian Guinea Pigdairycowshow
    angel15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigjenelynil
    Angel1 month and a halfPeruvian Guinea PigJordyluv101
    Angel5 monthsPeruvian Guinea Pigallison25
    angel1 monthPeruvian Guinea Pigangeltyre56
    AngelHas just been bornPeruvian Guinea PigGirlyCrafter13
    Angel5 monthsPeruvian Guinea PigThatdogzer101
    Angel2 months and a halfPeruvian Guinea PigSally000pwh
    Angela7 monthsPeruvian Guinea PigAndra67
    Angelika3 monthsPeruvian Guinea Pigcipulis
    Angelina15 daysPeruvian Guinea PigLilyBumblebee
    Angie 400.001 year and 1 monthPeruvian Guinea PigKarbear10
    anna1 month and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigkoala7ooo
    Anna5 months and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigmaria-nicole
    Annabeth1 monthPeruvian Guinea Piggracegoetz
    annieHas just been bornPeruvian Guinea Pigdokota
    Annie5 monthsPeruvian Guinea Pigremina2002
    Aphrodite1 year and 9 monthsPeruvian Guinea Pigmcanelly
    Aphrodite2 monthsPeruvian Guinea Pigfifilover5000
    Aphrodite1 monthPeruvian Guinea Pigescario_11
    Apollo1 monthPeruvian Guinea PigMissCheynne
    Aradia11 months and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigtrifource
    Areanna6 monthsPeruvian Guinea PigCatChica
    Arianna1 month and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pig4801779755
    arielle15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigcloeoeo
    arrow15 daysPeruvian Guinea Piggatordriver
    artcreep15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigpootheknight
    Athena1 month and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigpuddlesribom89
    Aurai15 daysPeruvian Guinea Pigcnm0604
    Aurora3 monthsPeruvian Guinea PigFantoella
    Ava1 monthPeruvian Guinea Pigdonna-ladonna
    Avanti2 monthsPeruvian Guinea Pigmorganmare
    Azariah1 month and a halfPeruvian Guinea Pigshatari19

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