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All the HamsterStory news.

Latest thread: Gather up dried fruit and win presents! (04/02/2021)

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Share your joy in improving your rodents, breedings and the species!

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Breeder associations

Find associates to improve the species

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Discuss and Play

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Rodents in real life

Discuss your passion for rodents and your real rodents: tips, advice...

Latest thread: VOTE: Which rodent is the best? (11/18/2018)

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Talk about all the animals you love!

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Funny Stuff

Funny stories, pictures and videos, fun websites, jokes...

Latest thread: Why Youtube apps doesn't display a video (04/20/2018)

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Open Discussion

Your opinion on the news, your hobbies and interests: music, cinema, TV, reading, traveling...

Latest thread: LG TV error: the program stopped working unexpectedly (04/12/2018)

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Latest thread: What is your favorite mode of transport? (03/06/2018)

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Mini Games

Word games, riddles, role playing...

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